I was…

born in Grapevine, Texas. In the no-mans suburbia of Dallas and Fort Worth. A little too left leaning for my not-quite-western, not-quite-southern home I decided to move a more neutral state, Georgia.

I love Atlanta. It’s a beautiful melting pot that hasn’t lost its hospitable warmth amongst the asphalt. In fact, it’s the closest I could find to a city that’s also a forest. (I’ve never been much for sacrificing one love for another.)

I don’t ever feel I can get quite enough of nature in the same way I don’t feel I can stray too long from large groups of people ( a city is what it’s called I believe.) I spend as much time as I can in the blistering energy of culture & creativity before soaking myself in a brisk adventure somewhere beneath visible stars.

I’ve explained my “was” as it were, but my “am” is an ever-evolving story, and -

story matters.

In the history of humanity stories have been a tool used to entertain, teach, coerce, sell, and feel. It’s at a core of what our language is, and defines our cultures. Now in the blossoming of visual storytelling & the digital age we’re faced with an almost limitless creativity to re-capture and re-live moments of any time. Since frontiers are getting harder to find, and the earth seems to becoming less mysterious. I think stories are a reflection of where humanity is going and where it’s been. A place to discover within ourselves, and yet another great frontier.